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 User Description: This film i watched on 123 movie is towards the top of my top features list. Someone will say that your positive attitude towards this vulgarity is the initial manifestation of a low-level ... mmm ... of development or something. But I, not being attentive to other people's bad comments about it film and absolutely not not wanting to declare: This film is the greatest parody comedy with the last decade !!I will be amazed only at that amazing ability to set up parodies of many films and, similar to a mosaic, build a full 83 minute masterpiece !! Yes, despite each of the vulgarity on this film, I believe that it's a parody masterpiece !!!Precisely what is "Chuvaaak !!!" or maybe a hemp bush that took revenge on Little One (Scary Movie 2)!Sure! As with all genius parodies, the key drawback is vulgarity to vulgarity! As an example, because of how old irrrve become, I can't watch this film despite having my mother, with whom, as I figured, I could truthfully watch everything. As an example, that shot when Ray is killed in the bathroom ... you understand what. Or when Cindy slept with Bobby ... well, it's all regulated small things ... The most important thing is the fact that when I watch Scary Movie, and all of the various components, I really don't get tired with the jokes I've known for a long period, I never get fed up of laughing at them!Now I want to briefly mention the actors as well as their performance.Anna Faris (Cindy). Naturally Cindy is irreplaceable! Who might have played better? Who'd play the parody so professionally? No person! It's great that it actress seems to not resemble one role in other roles! This speaks of the exceptional talent on the actress!John Abrahams (Bobby). You don't see any words! A fully charming youngster etc a part is within perfect harmony jointly!Dave Sheridan (Doofy Gilmore, assassin). I don't know how Sheridan managed to walk with that appear throughout the film, but this really is Talent! The end of the film taught me to delighted! Come on, man, from Doofy Gilmour, he can become an incredibly sexy tough man by using a flick of his hand! This is among the most best ending despite Cindy being hit by a vehicle! He brightened up all the sensations that is certainly from this type of denouement!Regina Hall (Brenda). Briefly about her. Again, in her own place, I can't represent any other actress! She actually is 5+Shannon Elizabeth (Buffy Gilmore). 5+ to her for playing!The other distinguished actors are Locklin Munroe (Greg) - an adorable creature, while he killed Cindy, along with general, such a complete is not to positive !; Shawn Wayans (Ray), Kurt Fuller (Sheriff) is a challenging guy, I especially liked when after the film he asks Cindy in surprise; "Fuck?", Not to mention where he interrogates Cindy at school, after which at the law station;But Keenen Ivory Wayans, for your lifetime of me cannot remember, while I watched the film a thousand times ... Well, I didn't stand out at all.So, summing up, I can tell that all of the above is an overview written from the center from the center! I am unable to rate the film as 10 out from 10! This really is the best of the most popular comedies, and irrespective of how bad she is, I will never stop admiring her!

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