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 User Description: Believe me, yes it really is, the first time such a video appeared inside the cinema i always watched on Nobody before him had made this type of'satisfying'joke about films. Only now the brain are attacked by hefty and annual parodies. But, it is Zeltser's antics, when you is really a masterpiece of easily the funniest black (non-racist) brothers on the planet. The Wayans brothers, I not really know, on the other hand comedies then were easily the funniest, albeit on an amateur. This film, one might say, became a landmark into their career, and I'm able to rightfully call the work great, because terrible'Epic Cinema'and'Unreal Blockbusters'began with it.'Scary movie ', females and gentlemen!The plot is usually cool, the writers (by the best way, Wayans wrote it) usually are good fellows they will developed a real story. It truly is very difficult to mix countless films into one film, but butter might be, but that's what is. They poured to their script before shisha films,'Scream'became featured, and filmed a high-quality skit for some time time. I must say, they parody succinctly. Without a hitch. Whole humor, clever plot development and good acting, in other words, here they all play completely pathos, nevertheless for such films, a life threatening and high-quality game seriously isn't needed. You must emphasize the insanity of the film, you intent to make it far more absurd to make it more enjoyable to watch. People have succeeded by doing this, and no one will succeed.The funniest was Marlon Wayans, who literally role of Petty. The obkurysh, who will not think in any way, moreover, you will see moments where he can have a fraction of a percent of his knowledge, simply attracts the viewer. The actor is comical and interesting. By far the most stupid was Anna Faris, who's now prettier, wherever you spit. She played this kind of'stupid'as well as stupid girl that laughter at her is guaranteed. Not even too much, just right. Shannon Elizabeth has starred in a range of youth comedies within their beginning, including this one. Without her,'Scary Movie'would not be just what is. It complements the film with beauty and design, however, she actually is not inferior towards heroine Faris in mental abilities.Eventually, what do we have? The creator of cliches, the creator of the dirtiest pictures in cinema, and most importantly, a superb, good comedy that produces fun for many films, and don't disappoint us, don't put your finger inside your mouth. Great, funny, interesting.

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